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Hello, I'm Jan.

I'm an inclusive designer and writer working to make the web more accessible and safe for everyone.

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My thoughts on design, accessibility, ethics, and digital privacy.


Here’s what my colleagues and clients say have to say about working with me.

“I feel incredibly lucky to know and work alongside Jan on an inclusive design team. I deeply admire Jan’s capacity to navigate the grey arena of digital inclusion with immense care, while advocating fiercely for historically oppressed communities to design, engineer and product partners. His natural flair for breaking down complex, often very technical, concepts into bite-sized, understandable ideas and immutable instinct to help his peers makes him an absolute asset to any team! He has the makings and qualities of strong leadership; Anyone working with Jan will thrive!”

Devin Owsley, CPACCSr. Accessibility Designer, CVS Health

“Jan is one of the most talented, thoughtful, thorough and empathic accessibility professionals I have ever worked with. The work of digital inclusion can be both technical and emotional, and Jan is one of the rare individuals who is able to hold both gracefully while always illustrating the importance of accessibility for user needs as opposed to simply "compliance." I was fortunate to join the team a few months after Jan and learn from his process-oriented mindset, collaborate with him on effective communication and documentation strategies, and work closely with Jan on a number of internal initiatives. Whenever I had a highly technical challenge and needed a peer review, Jan was who I would go to; and whenever I had a nuanced organization or communication challenge, Jan was there to help me work through the next best steps. Anyone who gets to work with and learn from Jan is lucky; I know that I was!”

Blaire Knight-GravesDigital Accessibility Manager, Eli Lilly

“Getting to work with Jan was a distinct pleasure, easily a career highlight. Initially, I was impressed by his quick wit balanced by a deep well of compassion and care for meeting human needs. He is a staunch advocate for people with marginalized identities and spoke repeatedly on behalf of others less privileged than he is. Jan is a gifted designer and accessibility expert whose wide range of experience creates transformative work.

Jan and I were invited to participate in a high-level strategic effort to identify and define a new working model for the Inclusive Design practice at CVS. Despite tight deadlines and shifting priorities, Jan rose to the challenge again and again. Together we helped create a centralized, efficient system that would maximize the team's impact across a sprawling design organization while still delivering quality. As part of this effort, Jan also created extensive documentation and authored several presentations on accessibility topics.

I haven't even touched on his mastery of Figma and incredible work on the enterprise accessibility annotation kits. Jan's contributions to the web and native mobile annotation kits created efficiency and greatly enhanced communication between design and engineering teams, not to mention a great reduction in accessibility defects throughout the company. Jan never missed an opportunity to help out fellow accessibility designers, often going above and beyond. Anyone who gets to work with him should count themselves lucky; I certainly do.”

Julian Kittelson-AldredSr. Accessibility Designer, CVS Health

“I have worked with Jan for over 5 years, and his dedication to his craft is unmatched. He is constantly looking for ways to make sure his next design shines brighter than the last. When the tools get in the way of that, he works on new tools, or asks for help in developing better workflows. He’s willing to take ownership of large, years-long projects and put in the same level of passion and effort throughout the life of the project, never settling for lower quality just to reach the finish line sooner. When others on his team have struggled with maintaining this same motivation, he works with them to help them get their projects back on track and up to the high quality level we all demand of each other. I recommend Jan whole-heartedly, and am confident he will exceed your expectations in whatever tasks you throw at him.”

James KingClient, Kinggath Creations

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